DACA Stories Part 1: Karina Ruiz of Arizona Dream Act Coalition

Episode 20 · February 15th, 2018 · 40 mins 27 secs

About this Episode

Wishing deportation on an immigrant is really easy if you’ve never actually spoken to one. This sentiment comes from Karina Ruiz, Arizona Dream Act Coalition president. She instead urges people to learn about those who were brought to this country by no choice of their own. You may be surprised to learn she had no interested in being uprooted from her friends in Mexico City, where she grew up. Ruiz is our first On the Grid guest in a series of episodes about immigration and DACA. The mercury on this issue is bubbling and a movement supporting immigrants’ rights is afoot. But after a week of failed immigration talks in Congress, the movement remains in limbo. But Ruiz is one of its leaders in Arizona, and says she'll never give up on the movement. Her story is powerful. If you’ve never gotten to know a DACA recipient, this episode is a great opportunity to do so.